Friday, September 9, 2016

what inner peace really is...

Many times we are asked to find our inner peace, and yet so many do not know how to find it or even where to look. Jesus has appeared to me twice this week wanting to deliver the message to us of what inner peace really is, how to get there, and what it brings to our lives. So, I will let him speak.

" Inner peace is not a state of mind, because the mind cannot conceive true inner peace. Inner peace is not an emotion of the heart, because the heart ebbs and flows from peace to pain. Inner peace is the true Oneness with God and the absolute knowing that you are connected and always surrounded. This is a memory that is held within your soul, and truly never leaves you. Just like I never leave you. Wherever you put your focus in this life, that is what will lead you forward. Either to a path of destruction, or a path of peace. I say to you when you open your eyes in the morning, remember who you are and remember from where you come from. You are simply passing through a universe that was created to grow you and open you to different levels of understanding and consciousness.

If you did not want this experience, then you would not be here at this moment. I say to you that if you start every day remembering who you are then peace will be inside of you and peace will flow out from you. When you lay down in bed at night, remember who you are and remember from where you come from. All of the experiences of the day should be calculated based on a lesson or a degree of love and understanding. Let go of the chaos of the day and remember the most important things that you experienced. Many of you are so busy that you are going through your life everyday without fully living, fully loving, and fully realizing what living really means.

I say to you that your inner peace is always there waiting for you to put your focus on what is really true. Be good to yourself, love yourself and one another as the father in Heaven loves you. When you choose inner peace everyday, Miracles will happen and your world will begin to shift. You cannot teach your brother or sister until you have been there yourself. I urge you, come and visit with me as often as possible. Give me your cares and your worries and begin to fully live and embrace experiences that come from the inner peace that you possess. I will meet you there... in your state of inner peace."

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