Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You are just that....

Hello and welcome back to our website. We want you to know that we enjoy being able to communicate with you and guide you on your path to enlightenment. This is precisely the message we want to speak of today, communication. Why is it important and who invented it?

As you come into your new body and learn that everyone around you makes noises, you also begin to learn that each and every noise relates to something important. Communication then becomes the beginning of your "survival", or so your subconscious tells you. You then learn to communicate based on how you are taught and by what is accepted and what seems "normal". Even everything outside of your language and skills seems foreign and you shy away from that form of communication and resettle back to your comfortable exchange. Did you know that you are simply learning only a superficial way to connect and this will never seem enough? This is what leads to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Why do you think that when two people come together, they have to learn to talk? Sometimes this is very hard because of their backgrounds. Well, we want to give you some advice on how to communicate so that you will be able to really connect and not stay superficial. For some of you, superficial is where your comfort zone lies. For others of you, you are ready to take the plunge behind walls and down corridors to the substances that are deep within you and the other person.

Why is it that you love the dance of sexuality so much? It is because you are connecting and communicating on deep levels that only the soul can understand. However, sex is not the only place to find this level. Many of you are mistaken thinking that it is. It is a place where there are no words, and words could never capture the true emotion or experience of what is within. When you connect verbally, you may be saying one thing and the other person can misinterpret and hear what their fears are telling them. Or, a person could misinterpret and hear what they want to hear emotionally, but when you connect energetically you merge. Energetic connection and communication is a merging of levels within the bodies and they link together at the soul/spirit level. There is also massive amounts of healing present and filling the gaps, it begins to heal you. What about the song Sexual Healing? We are not saying it has to be sexual. We are saying that merging equals healing. Did you know that when you merge, your differences of opinions and how you see God really doesn't matter? Because all real and pure merging comes from the only source there is, God.

If you want to really connect and know someone then you should sit in their energy and look in their eyes and allow the connection to take place. At first, your ego is going to throw up it's walls and tell you all the reasons you shouldn't do this. "Oh, no. They will see my acne on my face! Oh, no. they may not like me. Oh, no. They may feel my hurt and pain!" We say, stay in it and the ego will subside. They are really no different than you and the core of everyone is the same...God! Maybe in those close moments you or the other person may find healing or understanding or wholeness. The one way to outsmart the ego is to connect and connect deeply with no judgement!

We urge you today to connect deeper. Teach your children how and reconnect with those that you have lost touch with. If someone is hurting, reach out and hold them. If someone is lonely, look them in the eyes and let them know that there is no such thing as aloneness in God's world. Open your heart and stop being afraid to allow others to see you. Remember, secrets may stay hidden for a time, but in the end it will all be known and without judgement! Stop being so scared to let another see you. Remember, you are all the same core and the same cores will recognize and merge if given the chance.

We leave you with this: In the end, their is only God. God in pure form with all of God's pure love. You are just that.....