Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Do not fear, only believe"

Hello and welcome back.

Well, it looks like all of you who are reading this message made it thru the big shift! We want you to know that we were and are still continuing to hold all of you in our hands and support the process and changes you are going thru to finish. We came today to speak to you on the coming year and how this big shift has changed your life experience for the better.

Many of you have finally decided to let go and proceed with your life ahead. Things that you could not change or make any better, you have decided to just turn loose and go forward. Even if you have no idea where you are going, you know where you have been and you have found more faith in God and in Us. We love you and we always have, and now you are beginning to feel it and know it somewhere deep within you. We are proud of you because this shift was no easy task for any of you, but you persevered anyway. Your life this year will be wraught with many sudden and swift changes. One minute you will be going in a direction that you are comfortable in, and the next thing you know you are zooming in the opposite direction. We are here to tell you to go with it. As Taffeny puts it, "We will be flying by the seat of our pants"! This is exactly how God and you and us wants it to be. Why? Because this way you can manifest easier and more quickly.

Ideas are going to flow easier. Meeting people of like vibrations will occur constantly, and the oneness you are going to feel will increase substantially. On the other note, confusion will play a big part. You will think your plan is working and it will seem to fail. Believe us, it is not failing but shifting to a better opportunity for you and the others involved. We are here trying to give you the best you can have. Sometimes better than you could possibly know. Trust us! We haven't steered you wrong yet.

Lastly, we want to say congratulations to all of you who decided to stay on the planet. All of you know someone who left the planet either by their own hands or God's hands, but you have decided to stay to see this project thru. Many good and wonderful things are going to happen this year and we are excited to be helping you with these experiences. Remember what Christ said "Do not fear, only believe".

We ask that each of you will read the Matthew 14 from the Bible. We will discuss the main points of this chapter in our next message and how you are going to see the Christ come into your life. Peace be with all of you and may God's love encircle you, removing all of your doubt and fear...