Friday, January 13, 2012

walk the truth you believe in

Hello and welcome back! I hope that everyone survived the month of December and all is well. I want to dedicate this message today to a wonderful friend and colleague of mine, Meg Colgate. Meg and I met on a spiritual quest to Scotland. Meg took her journey home with God last Saturday morning and she is still a wonderful, bright, helpful spirit. Thank you Meg for all you have done for the earth and the people of this planet.

Today we are going to speak about what this year will bring and how it will affect your soul path. This year is a year of pushing and shoving. Many of you may be frustrated that things are delayed, but it is so that you can push and shove your way into learning manifestation. Many of you have learned how to do this, but so many haven’t. For those of you that usually roll over and allow others to control you, this year you will be shoved and pushed until you stand up and speak your truth and follow your truth. So many of you have become closet spiritualists. This will never do. We are not telling you to go out and force your beliefs on others. We are telling you that this year; you have to walk the truth you believe in. There is no other way. Why should you be in fear of other humans that are not awake yet to their own divinity? Don’t you see that if they haven’t awakened, it is their own journey of experience, but you shouldn’t base who you are on what they think. This is the year of individuality. Walk your talk and get out of the closet!

The other major theme of this year is going to be allowing others their opinion without it affecting your psyche. Your brain (ego) thinks that if you are not part of the pack, you’re a lone wolf. Vulnerable to the world, are you, and fear sets in. Well, not anymore!! This year being a lone wolf is fashionable. You are never alone because God is all there is, and God is surrounding you. You will learn how to move and flow in your own spiritual essence with the Divine this year. Let go of your attachments and fear of losing the pack, and set off on your soul path. The only way to God and your true identity, this year, will be thru deep personal existence. So, strike out, blaze your path and see how all roads lead to God. When you are seeking God, forget about your indoctrinated programs and allow God to come to you as God wants to. This year is about your own personal miraculous experience with God. Micah 7:7 Therefore I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the God of my salvation; My God will hear me.