Friday, October 7, 2011

Transformation of darkness is

Hello and welcome back. Today we would like to speak with you about taking a stand and speaking up for the light.

There is much darkness penetrating the Earth. It surrounds and permeates thru the light so that you have the illusion of darkness around you. Never fear. We want to tell you that your power lies in your discernment, your will and your words. It is so very important that you open your mouth and speak the words that come from your heart! Words are Gods powerful punches that will dismantle the darkness and wake up your brothers and sisters that are so very lost in the illusion of the darkness. This is a very serious and unstable time upon the planet, but it is also a time of miracles and manifestation. The darkness holds on, but can be transformed to light.

Transformation of darkness is easy but takes truth. Truth that is absolute, not just on this planet, but absolute in the heavens. Here are the four truths: 1) You are the Light of God, and in that there can be no separation. 2) You are passing thru this illusion and nothing here is real. 3) You have the power and control, thru your God connection, to transform all darkness into light. 4) In the end, everything will be brought into the light. You are here to help make that happen. With these four truths, you can easily go throughout your day and shift and change the lower vibrations into the higher vibrations. In the center of these four truths is forgiveness. Forgiveness makes all of these four truths ‘work’ on this planet.

This year around Halloween, there will be a huge shift from the dark to the light. Be prepared for this because you may feel the shifts even within yourself. You may begin to see the world with different eyes and wonder why you didn’t let go and shift before now. A lot of Spiritual Workers are facilitating this change, and we have been waiting a long time for this amount of darkness to be shifted.

When you wake up on November 1, 2011 and feel clean and refreshed, thank God that a part of your experience of the darkness has been changed to light. And so it is….Amen