Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do not seek outside of yourself but seek that which is within…

Hello and welcome back to the website. We, the angels that abound, are here to give you a message of hope. A message of renewal during all of the chaos, death, destruction and despair. We want you to know that you are about thru the cycle. Thru the chaos, that will bring about the peace that all of you are seeking. We want you to know that you are never and have never been alone!

Imagine this: you are on a tropical deserted island. You only know your surroundings and the people you are around. You begin to think that you are the only island on the planet and that you are the only ones that exist. We tell you that you should not believe as you perceive. If you want to believe the truth then you should close your eyes! We will show you all things good and right. Did you know that you are a part of everything that exists? Did you know that at any moment, you can spiritually become aware of all that is? You do not need the world to tell you the truths…you need God. We tell you, do not believe as man shows you, but as God leads you. If there is any man found emanating the light, then let him show you the truths he exhibits. Let him speak the words that bring peace and comfort. Light is love and love is light. You cannot separate the two.

God is within you and is never far away. You have to turn and look and you cannot do this if you are letting the world lead you. Your path is your path and no man can tell you in which direction you should go in. Your compass is built within and everyone has one. God would not send you into the earthly realms without instruction. God is your north and if you follow another’s compass, you may end up at a dead end. Be true to yourself and always stop and ask for directions! Many of you are too afraid to ask and many of you are too proud. What are you afraid of? That God will not answer you back. We tell you that God always answers you back. We should know. We are consciously with him always.

Let the souls go that are leaving the earth and do not grieve to bring them back to your reality. They have been released back to the light of God and they are finally in the truth of their existence. Now, they can help you get thru your difficult path. We say difficult because the Earth is going thru such a rebirth and is about to take the control back of her existence. There will be more Earth changes and at some point, it will feel like a roller coaster. Hold on and do not fear. These Earth changes are necessary.

We leave you with this: your center is the place where your peace comes from. Within that core is God. Do not seek outside of yourself but seek that which is within…