Thursday, April 14, 2011

God wants you to fear nothing!

Greetings to all of you who are reading this. We, the angels of peace and promise, are back to discuss with you a severe but necessary teaching today. We want to speak to you about the change within yourselves and the changes on the planet. These are necessary and timely changes that will occur over the next year for many of you. We come in peace to tell you these things because we want you to fear nothing. God wants you to fear nothing.

The changes that will occur inside of you are changes that we have been waiting for. All of Heaven has been waiting for you, as a whole, to make this shift and move forward. The first change will be a sense of ‘cleaning up your past’. You will begin to forgive and let go of the things that have transpired because you are beginning to see that everything that you and others have encountered are all necessary for your growth and conscious connection back to God. Your conscious connection is the most important thing you are trying to find down here on this Earth. When you make this connection, you begin to think like the Spirit you are. Second, your body will begin releasing many toxins from the colon and skin. You are literally going thru a spiritual and physical detox. There will not be a stomach virus or bacteria to blame your symptoms on. It will be part of the process. Your body reacts to the energetic processes that are going on inside of you and on the planet. Thirdly, you will find yourselves more content and happier in the most uncomfortable situations. Why? Because you are learning that when you have done all you can do, God will do the rest. In the chaos and turmoil, you are learning to trust God because that seems to be your only option. You have been and will be put into compromising positions, but this is what will make you grow and learn. You’re moving right along!

Now, the Earth herself is also going thru some serious releasing. She is releasing all the way from her core. The Earth is so old, in your Earth years, that it’s important she release energy that has been stored and yet not conducive to her evolution. As you need changes to take place, so does the Earth. She will also provide you with the changes necessary for you to see that you need one another and petty, earth judgments do not matter. It’s the whole that matters. You cannot run from those you do not vibrate with. Just like you cannot run from or control the Earth changes that are necessary for you to become one body, one consciousness. It is how it is to be. The best thing you can do is hold onto nothing and love everyone. You may be one of the many who will be passing in the next one to two years. It’s important for the grace and ease of your soul that you do this. Your home is not here. It’s in the Heavens. To this beautiful and state of peace, you will return. Good blessings be upon you and to your pathway, light and understanding. Amen