Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Panic...

Hello and welcome back. Today we want to talk with all of you about the changes that are to come and how they will impact your lives. This isn't anything that you should fear, but before these changes begin it is important that you understand them. In understanding them, your fears will subside as you experience them.

Change is something that all of you have feared since the beginning of your time on this earth. You fear it because you cannot see exactly what is to occur and you begin to project all of the negative that could occur. The change that will be so major and that is coming in December will be the change that will put you in a very different place locationaly and in your relationships. Many of you are feeling restless and a need to make a move, but so many of you do not know where the move will be. Many of you are in uncomfortable relationships and this will be even more uncomfortable as you go thru the holidays and are forced to be in that persons presence and energy. This is a great time to get on your Spirit Path. So many of you are beginning to wake up and realize that you do have a purpose and a divine plan and you are now wanting to play that part. For those of you who are waking up now, this will be the great wave of change for you. For the others of you who have begun to awaken, this will only set your feet more firmly on the path of spirit. For you have already been thru what the newly awakening ones are going thru. It is your job to help them make this transition. Remember how you felt as this shift began to alter your lives.

For the new ones( the ones that are beginning to wake up) your will experience waves of feelings that move you away from a current situation or relationship. You may not understand this but your life is beginning to change before your eyes, and things that always felt safe no longer are. If you do not make this move in your life, you may feel as if you are in prison or living a lie. For those of you who awoke but refused to change in the last shift, this is your second chance and the push will be greater than before. Many fears may arise, but this is the time where you must dig deep and know your true self and where that true self is pushing you. We never said that you had to see the whole picture, and many of you may not have a clue where all of the change will put you. What we are saying is you must go within. You must find that still voice and that God voice that steers you in the appropriate direction. No one will be able to tell you exactly. You must find the answers within yourself.

If you are living a lie about your true identity, be honest with yourself and others. If you are in a marriage and miserable, tell your spouse and decide if it is appropriate to move on. If you are in a location that you dislike and feel imprisoned, make the decision where to move. If you are hanging on to a past hurt that is detrimental to your life, let go. Now is the time for decisions to be made and a new and more fulfilling life to begin. You are made to grow and change. All of you. There is no crime in this. What we are asking you to do is be honest with yourselves and stop lying to yourselves so that you don't have to change and upset the apple cart. Sometimes by overturning the apple cart you find treasure at the bottom.

Remember, don't panic as the waves of change come on you like contractions. Breathe, go deep, hold to God and ask your true self what it needs and wants for truth and joy in your life. We love you and are always assisting you, but we cannot make your decisions. Only you have the power to do this. We leave you with this: Be true, speak truth, know truth and let that take you where you are to be....