Saturday, February 5, 2011

Did you know...

Hello and welcome back to our website. Many of you are anxious to receive this message as many of you have weathered storms and life changes thru the holidays and the New Year. We want to bring you a message tonight of hope and inspiration.

Did you know that every time you think about someone who is hurting or struggling, you are tapping into their energy field? What then do you do with it? Did you realize that you can positively affect them just as well as negatively affect them? It is very important that you make a choice before you allow your mind to wander off into negative things. It is as easy as realizing that you have entered their private, sacred space and then you think of all the wonderful things about that person. Anyone of you can give into the darkness and be negative, but it takes a loving, illuminated soul to make the choice to be positive. If you have anger or hurt towards that person, send them light anyway.

By doing this, you are erasing karma and forgiving them. By forgiving them, you just set yourself free! Whether you want to believe or admit it or not, every person that has a soul is a part of you. If you hate them, then you are hating yourself. If you love them, then you are loving yourself. Interesting how God works, huh? If you can love someone who has wronged you or who repulses you, then you have achieved one of the hardest tests on this planet. Not all souls who try this can achieve it immediately. It may take time, but keep trying.

Jesus said in Matthew 5:44-48 that we should love our enemies and bless those who curse us. Jesus said this for a reason. He wasn’t just trying to make life hard for you. Try by thinking of one thing that is good about that person and add to it every day. Do you realize that you can actually help that person to change for the better if you do this? If you send negative energy, then you become responsible, on some level, for their detriment. They are you and you are them. Meditate on it and pray. You may see the blessings fall upon you and joy come back to your life. Amen.

The Angels of Light