Thursday, April 22, 2010

The secret is, can you allow God to love you?

Hello Dear Ones,
We are so pleased to be with you today, in your conscious mind, as you read our message. We want to tell you who is speaking with you. It is I, Mary, and the host of heaven. I have come today to warn you of the passing’s that are to come. There will be many people near and close to you that will suddenly expire, as many of you have already experienced. This should be a time of great joy and not sadness as they are coming home and leaving this world of illusion that you remain in. Many of you will lose your mates and family, but I tell you that they are just on the other side of the veil. The worlds are so close that they are touching and there may be a moment of sadness, but if you can close your eyes and reach out your spirit hands, they will touch you. They are coming to a place that you too will soon find on your path, they are just choosing to come before you so that they can welcome you home.

So many of you are searching for the peace within your hearts and sometimes the only way to peace is through physical death. Many find healing and comfort and reality when they leave their physical home to find all the truth and knowledge that they could not find in the Earth. So many of you want to connect with your loved ones and we tell you that heaven is but a moment away. You are not consorting with the dead, but with the living! It is you on the Earth that would seem dead in the eyes of Spirit! For so many centuries, man has thought that they needed a specific way home and that what they experienced on the earth was real. We tell you that none of this experience is real and that you will come home in the end. Begin to retrain your mind to the mind of God, not man. God is not a man nor will God ever be. God is the purest most intense form of love that you can ever find or need. The secret is, can you allow God to love you? For many who have left the planet, they could not. Now that they are home, they can. The problem is, you don’t believe that you are lovable, so you look for love from human contact. I will tell you that unless it is a spiritual love, it will fade with the years. Only spirit love is pure and true. It will survive any catastrophe, war, famine, plague or wrong doing. If you do not love or if your love has ceased, then you are not truly in spirit love. Sometimes souls have to come home to remember how to love, even themselves.

We leave you with this today: we urge you to forgive, make amends, hold on to nothing, leave the past behind you, and reach deeper into your spirit. For, there you will find the will and love of God..