Thursday, April 10, 2014

This is the year known for karmic evolution...

Hello and welcome back. We are here to speak with you today about the year 2014. This is the year known for karmic evolution. What we mean by that is that this year will be full of opportunities to extinguish karma from the past (also past lifetimes) and turn it into the light. By how you judge others this year, you will be judged energetically with what is manifested to you. If you give freedom and pardon, then you will in turn be given freedom and pardon.

This is the year of amazing manifestations! Make sure that what you want manifested is positive and not negative. This year, the mirror is so close to each and every one of you that as soon as it leaves your lips (thought put into motion) it will be brought back to you. If you curse someone, you will curse yourself. If you bless someone, you will bless yourself. Karma is no longer going to be repaid in another lifetime. The time is now. This is not because of punishment on any level, this is because the veil between the dimensions is so thin and penetrable that thought in motion becomes a reality in your world. It is the timing of the evolution of man, spirit and the earth. The dimensions are getting closer in time and space; so much so that all peoples will begin to see a supernatural element within their mundane, normal, average world.

How would it be to manifest instantly by thought in motion? Time has sped up, or at least your perception of time has sped up. Because of this, manifestation is faster and more abrupt. There is more room for miracles now because miracles are nature’s way of showing you the Divine in you and in the world.

Divine…this is a word that for the month of April we want you to meditate on. What does divine mean to you and how does it emanate in your life. It is of vital importance that you begin to know this part of yourself and of God from which you came. You are a divine being born with the ability to bless or to curse. Remember you are one body. If you choose to curse, you curse yourself and if you choose to bless, you bless yourself. Time will wait for no one. Manifestation is now. Take care of the body of God…

‘The perfume of flowers goes not against the wind. Not even the perfume of sandalwood, of rosebay, or of jasmine; but the perfume of virtue travels against the wind and reaches into the ends of the world.’ The Dhammapada, verse 54