Monday, December 5, 2011

Life changing events are about to take place...

Hello and welcome back. We have been anxiously awaiting this message to be posted for all of you. Our topic today is the Earth shift that will occur this month. December 15-25 will bring about great changes in family and friendship dynamics. This shift will target the heart center of the body. Many people will be filling separation papers and others will have aired their true feelings to friends and family. This will be an intense time for most people. All of you are going thru something major in the area of transition and we are here to help. For some of you, the transition is internal and will usually be brought on by an outside force or circumstance. For others, the transition will show itself externally and may be large in size. Life changing events are about to take place and all you have to do is participate. These changes will only occur if they need to. For so many of you, which have been sitting on the fence, you may be kicked off and assisted in making the next step.

Also, the planet is going into a time of bringing the light into the dark. What this means are those things that you are hiding, that are not good for you, will be brought into the light so that you can make the appropriate decisions for your life. This will occur to everyone on the planet at some point next year starting with the shift in December. It is not a form of punishment, but a form of assistance. If you are lying to yourself, then you cannot be true to anyone else! If you are lying to yourself, then you are not living in a state of truth, but a state of delusion. God does not want you to fool yourself. This act does not help you in your ascent back home to God. If there are things that you are hiding, then it is being advised that you deal with them immediately so that the ramifications won’t seem so severe next year.

Remember, the majority of the world has asked for the truth and has the desire to live in the truth. Because of this, the planet will continue in a wonderful evolution toward the truth of your existence with God. Government will be effected and all of the foundations that you have built around you will show you the hidden truths. Don’t panic, just be aware and prepare for this massive change. We will be assisting you closer than ever, but we cannot take away the fear from you. This is a time where you need to release your fear and judgment of yourself and make a better decision.

Mark 4:22 “For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.”