Thursday, July 5, 2012


Hello and welcome back. Today we want to talk with you about your spirit mate. Many of you are beginning to move in tandem with your spirit mate, and many of you are still searching for yours. We want you to understand what is happening and how your relationship will shift in this time of heightened awareness.

Spirit mates are a combination of Spirit fused with the soul and merged with the body. These mate relationships are of a higher order than a soul mate. Soul mates are sometimes many and usually bring with them many difficult and necessary lessons. Spirit mates are a combination of souls purpose paired with spiritual guidance of a high degree. When two spirit mates come together, sometimes it may seem awkward, stressful and blissful all at the same time. The reason for this is because you have spent your whole life with one soul mate or another trying to learn lessons and grow. Sometimes there are many, many walls that need to fall when your spirit mate appears, and this makes things difficult at first. Once you learn to trust one another, everything becomes a cinch. You begin to move together in one breath. You see things the same more often than not and you find it difficult to leave one another’s side. The reason for this is because you have been placed together in a higher level of relationship so that you can fulfill your soul purpose and find God within you. All pressure needs to be off in the relationship so that a higher level of attainment can be achieved.

Now, for some of you, you are with your soul mate and your relationship will begin to merge into a spirit mate relationship if you allow it. It is a wonderful time where you find yourself changing and growing with your mate on such a different level that you never even thought could happen. This is a true blessing, for if you couldn’t merge then you would be placed with another who is your spirit mate.

So, why all the fuss on the spirit mate issue? Well, you need to understand that where you are at on the spiritual evolutionary cycle, you need your other half. Two parts joined equally become whole. When this happens, it becomes easy to move close to God and access God thru your mate. How is this done? By allowing the God source to flow thru you and then everything that you touch becomes just that. Many healing's will be achieved thru this merging and a higher, clearer view of God will be seen. God has been misunderstood, compared to human thought and blamed for so many unfortunate events. GOD IS NOT HUMAN. …GOD IS LOVE IN ITS MOST TRUEST, DIVINE, SUPERNATURAL FORM. Having your spirit mate will bring you to this place of love. The first step to loving and knowing God is to feel the true love within you. God is the truth that shatters the lies of man. God is the substance so divine that mercy, understanding and purity flow from the source outward always. God covers everything and defines love within everything. If you want your spirit mate, just ask.

We leave you with this…wholeness is found only when you begin to search within yourself. When you find all that you have been looking for, stop, and believe…