Thursday, July 14, 2011

finding your soul’s purpose

Hello and welcome back to the website. We have been waiting for some time to bring you this message of hope. Hope that does not come from an earthly place, but hope that comes from where all good and right things come from. Today, the message is about finding your soul’s purpose. So many of you have been searching for what this may be. We want to help you. When all of God’s children find their purpose, then you will begin to act in one accord… without the ego and the earthly mind to control you. What a peaceful place that will be!

Your soul purpose is the actual work that your soul has promised to do in this or any particular lifetime. It stimulates you to act from your spirit and not your ego. Doing your soul’s purpose actually frees you from your ego. This is why it is so important to rediscover what it is that you chose to do. God has given you many talents that will help you to facilitate your soul purpose. Before the soul’s purpose can come into play, one must ‘wake up’ and realize that there is a source that they, and everything good and right, comes from. When the wake up period occurs, there is a desire to find the source and dive into their divinity. The soul knows what it needs to find it’s peace…then comes the soul purpose.

Your soul purpose can change many times in one lifetime. You may find yourself wanting to help many people through a company or organization, and then find you need silence and meditation to help the world. Do you want to know how to find your soul’s purpose? Ask God to show you. Why is it that human forms think that God won’t answer them or show them the way? It really is that simple. Ask and you shall receive. Remember? When your soul is ready, then ask. The answer will come when you are truly ready.

Surrender is the next step and last step that we want to discuss with you. You may not like what you hear from God. It may scare you or you may resist it for many reasons. You will only escape your peace if you resist. Jonah and the whale is a great teaching of this. Remember, you signed up for it before you came into this body. Surrender is a great act of the soul that every wise person knows is necessary in order to reform the bond to God. Peace will follow and God will clear the way. It doesn’t mean it will always be easy, but it will always work according to God’s plan. As a matter of fact, the more you trust God, the easier things will become. Blessings to all of you. Amen