Friday, September 9, 2016

Message of the Day

" Forgiveness doesn't remember the hurts or injuries of a situation... it has the understanding that all is in place and is as it should be. Forgiveness doesn't hold accounts of right or wrong... it knows that if applied, freedom is complete. Forgiveness is God's message that we are still home in the light."

Love Taffeny

what inner peace really is...

Many times we are asked to find our inner peace, and yet so many do not know how to find it or even where to look. Jesus has appeared to me twice this week wanting to deliver the message to us of what inner peace really is, how to get there, and what it brings to our lives. So, I will let him speak.

" Inner peace is not a state of mind, because the mind cannot conceive true inner peace. Inner peace is not an emotion of the heart, because the heart ebbs and flows from peace to pain. Inner peace is the true Oneness with God and the absolute knowing that you are connected and always surrounded. This is a memory that is held within your soul, and truly never leaves you. Just like I never leave you. Wherever you put your focus in this life, that is what will lead you forward. Either to a path of destruction, or a path of peace. I say to you when you open your eyes in the morning, remember who you are and remember from where you come from. You are simply passing through a universe that was created to grow you and open you to different levels of understanding and consciousness.

If you did not want this experience, then you would not be here at this moment. I say to you that if you start every day remembering who you are then peace will be inside of you and peace will flow out from you. When you lay down in bed at night, remember who you are and remember from where you come from. All of the experiences of the day should be calculated based on a lesson or a degree of love and understanding. Let go of the chaos of the day and remember the most important things that you experienced. Many of you are so busy that you are going through your life everyday without fully living, fully loving, and fully realizing what living really means.

I say to you that your inner peace is always there waiting for you to put your focus on what is really true. Be good to yourself, love yourself and one another as the father in Heaven loves you. When you choose inner peace everyday, Miracles will happen and your world will begin to shift. You cannot teach your brother or sister until you have been there yourself. I urge you, come and visit with me as often as possible. Give me your cares and your worries and begin to fully live and embrace experiences that come from the inner peace that you possess. I will meet you there... in your state of inner peace."

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Two main themes that you are to remain focused on for the month of September.

Hello and welcome back to the website message for the month of September.

Many of you are questioning what is going on on the planet and what is coming up for the world over the next few months. We want to tell you that there are two main themes that you are to remain focused on for the month of September.

The first one is to tune out all distractions. There is a lot of chaos, opinions, fear, and anger on the planet right now because people are forgetting how to find their inner peace. Because of this there is a lot of interference in the energetic frequency of the planet, and that directly affects your personal life.

The second theme for this month is to look forward. After you have tuned out all of your distractions and energies that are really not applicable to your life and your path, you are to move forward fearlessly continuing to set your goals and following your soul path. This year has been a very difficult year of blocks, and retribution, forcing all souls to look at the issues that they have refused to see for so long.

September is the month of transition, it is when all things begin to move forward and goals and hopes begin to take shape and come to realization. October through December there will be a great deal of movement and a lot of personal changes that people need in their life. Some of these will be planned and some of these will seem so random, however they are so necessary and Spirit knows that completely. What we are trying to tell you today is do not pick up the fear and the opinions of all of these interference energies, but to really ground yourself in your inner peace and know that God the Creator is still in control of the universe.

Over the last month, there has been a great Earth shift. This shift has forced people to look at layers of emotion and choices that they have procrastinated and not wanted to deal with for a good deal of time. You are being forced to face your own selves and do the forgiveness work now like you never have before. If you are unhappy, remember that happiness is not based on anything outside of you or even another person, but happiness is truly found in your one personal connection to the Creator Source. If there is someone who offends you, or if things do not flow as you wish, forgive it and release it and move back into your sacred center where everything is peaceful and perfectly in place.

When you hold that center, everything outside of you will eventually fall into that peaceful place and begin to flow in the pattern that it is meant to flow in. This is a month where all things should be purged and released to the Creator so that when the movement takes off in the month of October, there is nothing to hold you back or repress you on any level.

We say to you forgive it, let It go, bless it and move forward into this new part of your life. If God be for you, then who can be against you?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

here to talk to you about mountains...

Hello, and welcome back. Today we are here to talk to you about mountains. What is it that you feel or think whenever we use the word mountains? Do you see it as something large and unapproachable, or do you see it as an amazing challenge to experience new things?

Today, we want to talk to you about your perspective in life when it comes to your mountains. Mountains are simply an opportunity to see how much strength, perseverance, and joy you really have obtained in this life. So many people stop themselves before they ever begin climbing the mountains of their life, and they throw up their hands and allow fear to get the better of them. Remember that there is always a way to climb a mountain, and it does not always have to be hard or difficult. Your mind is simply a calculator, a great and powerful piece of engineering that God gave you. However it is the soul's responsibility to make sure that it uses the calculations from the brain appropriately and with the right understanding. There is always a way to climb a mountain, always a solution, and a way to get to the top. Many people jump in without planning, and they rush through and use all of their stamina in the beginning. They grow tired and overwhelmed and stop halfway through.

Some people choose to pace themselves, allowing themselves to experience every new thing along the way, and always knowing that they will reach their desired goal. Your faith is a very powerful thing. Faith does not come from the mind, but it comes from your heart, your Sacred Heart that is always connected to your soul. Many people forget that they have powerful spiritual instincts. These instincts are connected to the soul that is connected to their spirit, and that spirit always sees the face of God. There are always going to be mountains in your life. Your perspective, and how you choose to deal with them sets the pace for how you climb, and your joy as you reach your goal. We Angels want to tell you that you are never alone, and when you begin to think that you are, that is when you block so much help that is available to you. Jesus said, "seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open to you". God is everywhere around you at all times, and God is the mountain and everything that is contained on that mountain. To say that there is something that God is not is like saying that you are never or sometimes not a part of God.

Mountains are in your life to make you grow. Your soul needs the growth and the experience on planet Earth, so it allows and accepts the mountains. There are just some things that have to be experienced for your soul. This is something that is never meant to hurt, but to only help you. Our advice to you today is really very simple. Every Mountain has a path, and every path has pleasure or fear. You choose what viewpoint you have about the path that lies ahead. You have actually accepted the challenge, and if you really have already accepted the challenge then your soul must have known that it needed it for its growth and that it could absolutely make it to the top.

We encourage you today to see the mountains of your life through a positive perspective. Knowing that every step you take is guided, and that when you reach the top of your mountains your view and understanding of the world will be forever changed. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish in this life. God has given you your backpack, and your Angelic team to help you climb the mountains ahead. We would encourage you also to breathe and relax and seek guidance along the path. Your map always lies within you at all times and you really already know how to climb any mountain that lies before you. Fear is the only thing that blocks you from your answers, and if that is the only block you will ever have then claim your faith and find your answers.

We encourage you today to use your instincts when there is difficulty, or when fear begins to arrive in a situation. Stop and breathe and ask your spirit what the appropriate instincts should be. This is a tool that you should be using every day of your life. Remember, we are here and fully accessible for you at all times. Be fearless when it comes to your mountains, and climb them with joy and excitement because we can certainly tell you that the view from the top is life changing.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

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You just can’t lose when you decide...

Hello and welcome back. We come to give you good news. Good news in a world that seems troubled and turbulent. We want to let you in on a great secret that all should know. This secret is about manifesting in this dimension and fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Your soul’s purpose is something that you generally live for or something that keeps the body alive so that the soul can proceed forward to fulfill its plan. Not just for mankind-- do you do this, but for yourself to find your deeper connection to God. In giving to others, you bless yourself. You both win and that’s a fact. You just can’t lose when you decide to fulfill yours and God’s plans. However, getting you to wake up and step up can be sometimes troubling and difficult. Some of you are still wondering what your souls purpose is and why you came down here.

There will be a day, a wonderful and glorious day, when you ask God why you came to the Earth and what your plan is. This is the day that tells you that you are ready for the task ahead. That is when you decide that no matter what, you will accomplish all that you are supposed to. Now, in these moments on Earth, it is easier and faster to manifest your goals. On July 2, 2014 you had a major shift in perception on this planet. This is global, so it affects everyone. You are beginning to see things differently than you did before. You are being prepared for the next step in your evolution, or should we say the evolution of your purpose. We are excited to tell you that manifestation is now seconds away and is simple. Ask for what you need to fulfill the job, and it will be given to you. 

For the next five years, Earth and all its inhabitants will be free to step forward and manifest. When it is your purpose, it will be given to you so easily that there will be very little effort. Now is the time for the consciousness of the Earth to shift and take off. New ideas, concepts and structures will be proclaimed and laid out, not in secret but in public view. Allow yourself to shift and change, and be ready to see others shift and change that you never thought would. Hold on to yourselves, this is going to be a wonderful, exciting time.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

This is the year known for karmic evolution...

Hello and welcome back. We are here to speak with you today about the year 2014. This is the year known for karmic evolution. What we mean by that is that this year will be full of opportunities to extinguish karma from the past (also past lifetimes) and turn it into the light. By how you judge others this year, you will be judged energetically with what is manifested to you. If you give freedom and pardon, then you will in turn be given freedom and pardon.

This is the year of amazing manifestations! Make sure that what you want manifested is positive and not negative. This year, the mirror is so close to each and every one of you that as soon as it leaves your lips (thought put into motion) it will be brought back to you. If you curse someone, you will curse yourself. If you bless someone, you will bless yourself. Karma is no longer going to be repaid in another lifetime. The time is now. This is not because of punishment on any level, this is because the veil between the dimensions is so thin and penetrable that thought in motion becomes a reality in your world. It is the timing of the evolution of man, spirit and the earth. The dimensions are getting closer in time and space; so much so that all peoples will begin to see a supernatural element within their mundane, normal, average world.

How would it be to manifest instantly by thought in motion? Time has sped up, or at least your perception of time has sped up. Because of this, manifestation is faster and more abrupt. There is more room for miracles now because miracles are nature’s way of showing you the Divine in you and in the world.

Divine…this is a word that for the month of April we want you to meditate on. What does divine mean to you and how does it emanate in your life. It is of vital importance that you begin to know this part of yourself and of God from which you came. You are a divine being born with the ability to bless or to curse. Remember you are one body. If you choose to curse, you curse yourself and if you choose to bless, you bless yourself. Time will wait for no one. Manifestation is now. Take care of the body of God…

‘The perfume of flowers goes not against the wind. Not even the perfume of sandalwood, of rosebay, or of jasmine; but the perfume of virtue travels against the wind and reaches into the ends of the world.’ The Dhammapada, verse 54