Saturday, September 10, 2011

Many are choosing to rise in consciousness...

Hello and welcome back. Today we want to talk with you about fallen angels. This is a subject that has not been discussed among many groups, but we feel it is of the utmost importance that you have understanding of this topic.

Fallen angels began their place in history as you, the children of God, fell into the third dimension. With the consciousness of good and evil manifesting itself in this realm, angels took a fall with you. Angels, the thoughts of God, are never too far away; even if you fall into a realm of light and dark, good and evil. …duality as you know it.

So, what are the fallen angels doing with their time? Well, as they fell, they also came into free will, much like yours. They have the choice to either stay down or go up in their consciousness. They are freely moving about you on this earth. Many are choosing to rise in consciousness with you and go back home to the light. Everything has the choice to come back to God, even a fallen angel. Sometimes they inhabit and take on a physical form, and then sometimes they simply aid humans and do ‘good work’ to bring them to a higher status.

You see, anything and anyone can come back to God in a moment. The thing that so many religions and human thoughts cannot comprehend is that God always allows this. In your messed up consciousness, you think or have thought, that once you mess up it’s over. Not so! God never moves and his door always remains open. God knows that you do not remember, and it’s in the ignorance of your thoughts that you act other than you truly are. Angels can be no different when given free will.

So, next time you are out, be sure that you may entertain angels unaware…whether they be of the light or on their way back to the light…