Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Hallow’s Eve ...

All Hallow’s Eve is here today and we want to bring you an interesting fact and important information that has been hidden for hundreds, if not, thousands of years. We are the Angels of Wisdom and we are bringing you liberation and ascension in this message today.

Hallow means to sanctify; to make holy; to honor. If this is true, and it is, then what are you making holy on this day? Did you know that Halloween is a day where there are no dividers between the dimensions? What does this mean? It means that any spirit from heaven to hell can walk freely with us, mixing and mingling. However, this does have a divine purpose. This day was created to be able to commune with our ancestors and spirits from our past lives that need forgiving and freedom. This includes us. The spirits will come and restitution can be made by welcoming them, acknowledging them and then forgiving them and ourselves for the involvement. It is a day set upon the earth, that we can clear massive amounts of karma and release ourselves closer to God and the Divine.

Why do you think there are costumes? These are personas from other lifetimes. Why do you think there is trick or treaters coming for candy? This is other spirits coming to our doorstep for forgiveness and release. Why do you think there is so much paranormal activity on Halloween? It is because there are no portals necessary for them to walk into our dimension. It is a day created for reckoning and release. Most of the peoples on the planet have no idea why it exists or how it was really intended. The truth has been hidden for so long and all of you are following suit as to what others do, even though you do not know the real reason for the celebration yourself!

We encourage you to sit in front of your altar or any altar and light a candle. Be open to the Holy Spirit that is within and all around you today. Ask for the Christ Light of Protection to envelop you, and then ask all of the Spirits to come for their forgiveness. You do not realize that you are the Children of Light and that Christ came to teach all of you how to forgive and release karma. You have the power because of who you are. If you are Catholic, go to the altar at church and light a candle. Kneel and pray. If you are Christian, go kneel at the church’s altar and pray. It does not matter what belief path you are walking, you can still do what is necessary to facilitate a great wave of forgiveness.

How will this affect you in this lifetime? Well, have you ever thought that sometimes all of these ‘lessons’ you are getting is somehow a pay back to what has been? Walking in peace can be very easy when all of the monkeys on your back are gone. You can get rid of the monkeys by taking this day and welcoming forgiveness to all the past that your soul remembers. It s a great day of shedding and your life can become so much easier if you choose to liberate yourself and others. Christ spoke love and forgiveness. Let your light shine and love unconditionally. Isn’t it about time you did so? Be prepared for emotion and freedom to wash over you in great waves. Be prepared to possibly see these spirits and feel their emotion. Be prepared to walk away knowing life is now somehow different for you. God is with you in your mission. Who can be against you…no one….

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

time can be altered in ways...

Hello and welcome back to the next informative and exciting message. There are so many things that we would like to cover today, but only one topic will be discussed. We want to speak with you about time, and all that is related to it.

Time was set up to help your soul pace itself and accomplish the missions it was sent to planet earth to do. However, time can be altered in ways many of you have no idea about. Quantum Scientists know that time is only a marker for us to be able to evaluate where we are on our soul path. It can speed up, or it can slow down.

There are two ways that time can be altered: either from a global consciousness agenda, or from an individual agenda. You can either choose to ‘play with the rest of God’s children’ or you can ‘play by yourself’. I bet you never realized you had this much power and control over your experiences. Well, you do. Many of you have made the comment that,’ you would like to get off the grid’. Well, you can! It’s completely up to you. How do you do this? You stand back out of the current and set your own pace.

The current of the earth is swift and furiously rushing forward. It seems to be speeding down some river toward a destination that many of you are terrified to arrive at. We want you to know that it isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Many of you have figured this out and you are becoming hermits. You have separated yourself from the swift current that causes your fears. Simply because life got too much for you to handle and you needed a time out. We want to tell you that when you think you may want to ‘stick your toe back into the river’, you may experience that it is a faster rush than when you left. This will cause great anxiety and fear about being sucked back in. Stop being fearful and set your own pace! You choose how fast you will go or how slow. Set your priorities, and stick to just them. Don’t allow others, in all of their rush and confusion, to make you swim faster than you should. Your foot is on the accelerator. You have forgotten that fact.

Finally, we want to express to you that great waves of shifting are coming. The earth is no longer set on her axis, and the time is drawing close for her to release more pressure. These shifts will not cease until she has accomplished all that she has been created to do. God controls the globe and it is necessary for the Earth Mother to change. She adapts and releases just as you do. Your physical body is always connected to her.

Our next message will be on the topic of Halloween and why this celebration came into existence. Stay tuned, you’re not going to want to miss this one. Peace and understanding be with all of you. Be of like mind and like spirit. For you are the creations of the Divine…