Saturday, July 2, 2016

here to talk to you about mountains...

Hello, and welcome back. Today we are here to talk to you about mountains. What is it that you feel or think whenever we use the word mountains? Do you see it as something large and unapproachable, or do you see it as an amazing challenge to experience new things?

Today, we want to talk to you about your perspective in life when it comes to your mountains. Mountains are simply an opportunity to see how much strength, perseverance, and joy you really have obtained in this life. So many people stop themselves before they ever begin climbing the mountains of their life, and they throw up their hands and allow fear to get the better of them. Remember that there is always a way to climb a mountain, and it does not always have to be hard or difficult. Your mind is simply a calculator, a great and powerful piece of engineering that God gave you. However it is the soul's responsibility to make sure that it uses the calculations from the brain appropriately and with the right understanding. There is always a way to climb a mountain, always a solution, and a way to get to the top. Many people jump in without planning, and they rush through and use all of their stamina in the beginning. They grow tired and overwhelmed and stop halfway through.

Some people choose to pace themselves, allowing themselves to experience every new thing along the way, and always knowing that they will reach their desired goal. Your faith is a very powerful thing. Faith does not come from the mind, but it comes from your heart, your Sacred Heart that is always connected to your soul. Many people forget that they have powerful spiritual instincts. These instincts are connected to the soul that is connected to their spirit, and that spirit always sees the face of God. There are always going to be mountains in your life. Your perspective, and how you choose to deal with them sets the pace for how you climb, and your joy as you reach your goal. We Angels want to tell you that you are never alone, and when you begin to think that you are, that is when you block so much help that is available to you. Jesus said, "seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be open to you". God is everywhere around you at all times, and God is the mountain and everything that is contained on that mountain. To say that there is something that God is not is like saying that you are never or sometimes not a part of God.

Mountains are in your life to make you grow. Your soul needs the growth and the experience on planet Earth, so it allows and accepts the mountains. There are just some things that have to be experienced for your soul. This is something that is never meant to hurt, but to only help you. Our advice to you today is really very simple. Every Mountain has a path, and every path has pleasure or fear. You choose what viewpoint you have about the path that lies ahead. You have actually accepted the challenge, and if you really have already accepted the challenge then your soul must have known that it needed it for its growth and that it could absolutely make it to the top.

We encourage you today to see the mountains of your life through a positive perspective. Knowing that every step you take is guided, and that when you reach the top of your mountains your view and understanding of the world will be forever changed. There is nothing that you cannot accomplish in this life. God has given you your backpack, and your Angelic team to help you climb the mountains ahead. We would encourage you also to breathe and relax and seek guidance along the path. Your map always lies within you at all times and you really already know how to climb any mountain that lies before you. Fear is the only thing that blocks you from your answers, and if that is the only block you will ever have then claim your faith and find your answers.

We encourage you today to use your instincts when there is difficulty, or when fear begins to arrive in a situation. Stop and breathe and ask your spirit what the appropriate instincts should be. This is a tool that you should be using every day of your life. Remember, we are here and fully accessible for you at all times. Be fearless when it comes to your mountains, and climb them with joy and excitement because we can certainly tell you that the view from the top is life changing.