Tuesday, March 23, 2010

you have to forgive….EVERYTHING.

Hello and welcome back. It has been sometime since the last message was given and we are eager to speak to you again today. Our new message is on beginning a new life and how Christ is the founder of the new life consciousness. We think this is very befitting since Easter is almost upon you.

The energy of the Passover and the Resurrection is about finding a new and deeper life that is buried within the depths and layers of your soul. Passing over you is a symbolic movement that allows you complete forgiveness and a new beginning. Did you know that at this time every year, God gives you the opportunity to release the past karmic issues and start clean and new? Every year God is forgiving you, and yet many of you cannot forgive yourselves. Every year, God is offering a new and in depth life within, and yet you do not understand the freedom you are being given. Maybe because no one has ever explained in detail what you are being offered. Christ died not for you to grieve and feel guilt, but to show you the way home. Christ is the body, in heaven; you belong to and will return home to as you complete the layers of forgiveness. In understanding this special time on the planet you can clean yourselves of any past karma from this life or another. You don’t have to live life after life cleaning up your messes. You can live this as your last life and ascend back to the consciousness you belong to. The only catch…you have to forgive….EVERYTHING. Don’t buy in to this facade as the reality of your existence.

As the sacred time approaches, go deep and study all of the things you feel guilt and attachment to and forgive them. Forgive the people or souls who have wronged you and give them their freedom. They deserve the best, just as you do. No one has to or deserves to linger in this unreality and spend their soul’s peace on this planet. The choice is up to you. Go within, meditate on the garbage to be released, and give it to God. Along with your soul…Your freedom awaits you….