Saturday, August 13, 2011

You have lingered so long...

Good day and welcome back! Today we want to talk with you about the world of Spirit. You have lingered so long in the Earth world and the world of reincarnation that you have developed amnesia. We want to remind you of the world you came from and the world in which you belong. Instead of spending precious time telling you what you aren’t, we want to tell you what you are.

Our world, the Spirit world, is a much easier and freer world to be in. Here you can travel simply by a thought. In the highest level of Heaven, there is no thought of separation; only a sense of belonging to the whole. The whole in which God created. You can create in a moment and nothing is withheld from you. Because you are in the right mind, when your home in Spirit, you do not create things that have a core of separateness. If you think you are separate, then you cannot create effectively. That is the secret to creation. Creation came from the knowing that we are one source, one core, one body, one mind. In that perfect thought of knowing, anything can be created.

Heaven is a place of complete merging and peace. Anyone that you are jealous of, angry at or withholding forgiveness from, you will be with them, a part of them, in Heaven. This is for eternity. So then, why are you continuing to separate yourself from the whole? The next time that you look down at someone, remember that they are you and the creation of God. There really is no difference. Just you, made up to look different than you do. It’s a trick of the ego. You really are the same, but if the ego can make you look separate then maybe you will begin placing judgment. Judgment leads to separate thought. This is not so in Heaven. Complete peace is knowing you are complete… lacking nothing.

Heaven is also a place of joy. Joy is different from happiness. Happiness is always based on things around you, affecting you in some way. Joy is something that comes from the core of your Spirit and it always comes from God. Can you imagine why you ever decided to leave and come to the Earth? You will remember that too, in time. Until then, remember that you are a fragment of the Most High God and that your home resides in the Heavenly dimensions. View everyone that you see, as you, and help them to remember their home. Once the body of Christ comes together, earth will no longer be needed and Home you will go. Blessings….