Thursday, July 3, 2014

You just can’t lose when you decide...

Hello and welcome back. We come to give you good news. Good news in a world that seems troubled and turbulent. We want to let you in on a great secret that all should know. This secret is about manifesting in this dimension and fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Your soul’s purpose is something that you generally live for or something that keeps the body alive so that the soul can proceed forward to fulfill its plan. Not just for mankind-- do you do this, but for yourself to find your deeper connection to God. In giving to others, you bless yourself. You both win and that’s a fact. You just can’t lose when you decide to fulfill yours and God’s plans. However, getting you to wake up and step up can be sometimes troubling and difficult. Some of you are still wondering what your souls purpose is and why you came down here.

There will be a day, a wonderful and glorious day, when you ask God why you came to the Earth and what your plan is. This is the day that tells you that you are ready for the task ahead. That is when you decide that no matter what, you will accomplish all that you are supposed to. Now, in these moments on Earth, it is easier and faster to manifest your goals. On July 2, 2014 you had a major shift in perception on this planet. This is global, so it affects everyone. You are beginning to see things differently than you did before. You are being prepared for the next step in your evolution, or should we say the evolution of your purpose. We are excited to tell you that manifestation is now seconds away and is simple. Ask for what you need to fulfill the job, and it will be given to you. 

For the next five years, Earth and all its inhabitants will be free to step forward and manifest. When it is your purpose, it will be given to you so easily that there will be very little effort. Now is the time for the consciousness of the Earth to shift and take off. New ideas, concepts and structures will be proclaimed and laid out, not in secret but in public view. Allow yourself to shift and change, and be ready to see others shift and change that you never thought would. Hold on to yourselves, this is going to be a wonderful, exciting time.

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