Thursday, May 10, 2012

help us understand and apply redemption to our lives

Hello and welcome back to our website. Today we will be speaking to a group of Angels concerning redemption. Their job is to help us understand and apply redemption to our lives.

Redemption: Webster’s dictionary says that it means to rescue, ransom, or give salvation. We Angels say that it is very possible to give one another redemption, since you are made in the image of God. Christ said in Matthew 5:44, 48 that you should love your enemies so that you shall be like your Father in Heaven. Did you know that you can pass along redemption because God gives you this ability? What does it serve you to hold grudges and accounts against your brothers and sisters? It only brings you pain, paranoia, anger and self loathing. Whatever you pass against your brother or sister, you pass against yourself. Whatever you pardon with your brother or sister, you pardon within yourself.

Redemption is knowing that lessons are to be learned, but you have washed the dirt from your hands. You are no longer dirty of the situation anymore. When you do this, you no longer give that ‘vehicle’ energy to go forward ripping and tearing thru your life. You begin to come into a place of peace. This is where God resides…. always in that place of peace.

Now, how do you apply redemption to your life and others? You release them or you from the ugliness of the situation. You declare innocence and you love in place of blame. Do you realize that you are empowered when you release guilt from you or another? Then you can begin to talk, negotiate, and learn the lesson from the situation. Redemption does not mean that you pick up where you left off. Redemption means you no longer care to give energy to it. You release it, give thanks for it, learn the lesson from it, and move on. You will be changed and purified for the better. Many times this brings a temporary earthly separation from that person, but you will no longer be chained to it anymore.

How many issues in your life can you begin giving redemption to? How many people including yourself? Begin now, and feel the true freedom of the Spirit of God within you. Amen.

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