Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hold ON.....

“Don’t buy into the illusion”. This is a statement that a very good friend of mine made to me in these trying times. His name is Jim and he is now passed over in Spirit. Today’s message is about the coming times and how we need to handle them.

Angel Zadkiel and Mother Mary are here to speak today. “How many of you are troubled and terrified and worried about today’s events and what is coming? We know your fears and we are here today to speak of the changing events of your time. There are many upheavals happening right now. Many of you feel as if you are pushing a boulder up the side of the mountain while getting sideswiped by the darkness. In essence, you are. You are living in a world where everyone is trying to find the true God and their connection to the Divine Source. So many of you are questioning your faith and many of you are losing it. Hold on!!!! We are here to remind you of a couple of things."

“First, you have chosen this time to be on the planet. Mostly because you are brave enough to ride thru the storms of life. Second, you are moving into a period of great miracles and connection with your true nature…Spirit. Third, this is a great period in time to release all karma and clear all debts. This is no easy task but if you have the love of God in your hearts at all times, you can do it. Karma is a bit of a sticky substance that won’t let go until you have found just the right sticky remover. That is mercy and forgiveness. The ones who cannot get this will bring down the house upon themselves. It will be their own undoing. For those of you willing to give up your ego and trust God, you will want the peace that these actions will bring. These are shaky times. They are shaky for a reason. To shake you up and move you deeper within yourselves. Do you realize that great prophets and saints are born in difficulties and chaos? They are pushed and moved to find God. They did deep and go for true faith. Do not look to man to make your world right. Look to God. This is what God is waiting for.”

“There is a Divine Source that knows everything that you need before you even know that you will need it yourselves. If you are moving in the flow with this source then that means you have to trust and give up control. Your day may not seem as you planned it, but it will fill your needs. Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Joseph, David, Christ and so many more have learned that this is all there is to survival. Knowing your true source and letting it lead you everyday of your lives. If you do not trust, then you will live in fear. These are your only two choices….”

“Lastly, we want Jim to speak a word of comfort to you all.”

“Hi everyone. I want to tell you that from my angle, it looks pretty tough down there. Help is on the way but probably not the way you had expected it. You are going to be off track if you try and figure everything out. Not to mention you will be on the edge all the time. Let go. Trust every step to be led and don’t go off on your own without your coordinates. Your coordinates are your guides. Your guides may be the people put in your life, or the angels around you. However, you have situated your life right now, don’t panic and run. Stay calm and breathe. Day to day your life will be up hill and downhill. Hold on and trust. All of us on the other side are trying to help mankind find a way to communication with God and each other. It’s give and take, not all or nothing. Be flexible, go with the flow, and don’t give up. We have your backs up here. We’re all around you. Relax and let us in to help. Things will be so much easier for you if you do. There is a time and a season for every purpose under heaven.”

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