Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Step into your Divinity

Welcome back. We hope that you have all read and studied Matthew 14. We know that many of you think you know exactly what this means and many of you are unsure. So, we are here today to tell you what it really means.

Did you know that as part of the Christ Body, you can multiply and produce exactly what you need to aid you in your mission? Did you know that Christ said, “This and more you shall do in my name”? Nothing is too hard for you, and nothing will be withheld from you on your mission. Let’s begin with the verses 1-13. John the Baptist had been beheaded, and Jesus was told by the disciples what had occurred and that he had been buried. We want to tell you that there are many things that other people will go thru that is their mission, even death. The plan was put into motion before your actual birth into the body. The plans are yours and God’s and they are divine. Do not fear or worry or grieve for the loss of another; for many are simply fulfilling the plan as it was divinely written. Christ understood this, and went off to be alone to speak with God and understand the plan. So should you.

Matthew 14-23 teaches of the fishes and the loaves. Multiplying what you have for the good of the whole. Nothing shall be withheld from you so long as you are fulfilling your plan. Jesus fed the multitudes because he never had any doubt that God and Him could not produce what was needed. God never fears not being able to produce for you and your brothers and sisters, but it is you who fears that you cannot. Step into your divinity my friend. Remember who you are. Take your talents, your food, your money, your time and your love and multiply it so that it ‘feeds’ the many who are in need. You don’t need any of that stuff in heaven, so you might as well use what you have got on this earth to bless and help the world. Little do you know that you can, and little do you know that when you begin feeding the masses you will fill more of a blessing than you have ever felt in your whole life. This is the gift of giving. Pretty simple, yes?

The last of the verses is about Christ walking on the water. This is about your faith. Peter was not scared when he was focused on Christ, but when he looked at the water and his fears came back, he began to sink. The most important part of manifesting is to keep your eyes on the prize, the Christ Consciousness that you belong to. Remember, we Angels know what you have come down here to do, just like Christ knew. We know that you will go thru loss, but it’s part of the plan. We know that you can feed the multitudes. Will you use the talents God sent you with? We know you can walk on water and that fear cannot touch you unless you allow it. Do you know this in your soul?

Today, step into your Divinity, your God given right to have the ability to manipulate physical objects to fulfill the plan. What is your plan, you ask? To remember who you are…….

Peace be with you,

Angels Razchial and Seraphim

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