Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The four Archangels speak:

Hello and welcome back. Our next message is a message of hope for all of you that are troubled and heavy laden. The four Archangels have come to speak:

Archangel Raphael " Good day and peace be with you. As you are all making this shift, we see you and hear you in your pain and agony. You seem to be writhing about. Unable to be settled or still within the physical temple you have showed up in. You are the ones that are making a major transition and we are here to help. Would it make you feel better if we told you that we know your very next step? Would it help to tell you that we know how to catch you and keep you from making a huge mess in your life? We are guiding you and you don't even have to be aware of it for us to work in your life. Trust where you are walking! Don't panic even though you think you are stuck. Don't give in to depression even though you feel helpless. It is simply time to let go. Let go of all the burdens and get in touch with God. Maybe you cannot make sense of you life, but God has the Divine Plan and God needs you to let go! Stop trying to make sense and let go! If you cannot fix it, change it, heal it, or help it then let God work on it for awhile.

" Archangel Michael "In this shift you are learning to trust God. Many of you are pushed to your limits financially, emotionally, mentally and in every other aspect of your lives. God needs chaos to reign so that you will surrender and give God the control. In this moment, be prepared to see miracles and witness healing like never before. God likes it when things are dark, difficult and unfixable because this is when God can save you and show you the truth of who God really is. God is your savior, comforter, best friend and confidant. You just have to see this and join the relationship with God.

" Archangel Uriel " My message is a message of fire. Fire is burning within all of you, yet you doubt where it is beckoning you to go. You are being instructed to change, shift, move, but you still hold on to what you think you know is secure. By the end of this shift, the fire will burn so deep , bright and powerful within you that you will have no choice but to go where you are being lead and do what the Divine is asking you to do. This shift is one of surrender and stepping into your true form and path.

" Archangel Gabriel " I have come to tell you not to judge. Do not judge your feelings or the feelings of others. Just roll with what is being felt and said. You may not understand, but trust. Follow your heart and this will lead you back home. Home, to the truth of what your soul needs and has come down to earth to do. We cannot apologize for the pain because in the pain you will grow and blossom. The fifth dimension is just around the corner, but you cannot get there unless you surrender to the pilot of your boat, which is really God. Let God steer you in the right direction. As long as you fight the direction, you will be exhausted and scared. Let go and let us and the Mighty One catch you. We are here, we are around you always..."

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