Thursday, July 30, 2009

Angelic Introduction

Hello and thank you for coming to this web page. Many of you were lead here and many of you are simply curious. Today we are going to keep things very simple and easy for you to understand.

Our message is about change. You are seeing it all around you and yet you feel powerless to have any counter effect on it. Change is part of this planet just like the breath you take into your lungs. Changes are coming quicker and faster and believe us they are not going to stop or slow down. Fear is becoming your first reaction and we want you to stop reacting and start breathing and taking action.

There is a powerful force acting on the planet right now and it is God showing Him/Herself and you are very much a part of that. There are many things "happening to you" that you can not simply stop and if you could see the whole picture, you wouldn’t want to!

There is a Divine Plan and there is a God, and guess what? You are a part of every minute detail in God's overall plan and God wants nothing but the plan to fullfill itself. If something has escaped your grasp, or "left you,” ended, or died, then let it! We are asking for you to trust us and the God that is surrounding you and the planet! You are not lost, though you may feel it, you are not alone, though you may think it, and you are not unloved even though you imagine it so.

Everyone of you has a Guardian and Angels that assist you in daily activities and such. We are here and are closer to you than you have felt us in some time on the planet. If we were to ask you to do anything, it would be to pray. Pray for knowledge of your true self and pray for peace to come within you. You are closer to the Spiritual realm than what you could imagine and we are taking every step with you. Many of you are having "spiritual experiences" and we laugh because this is really your true nature! You are Spirit and this is your true self. If it leaves you then let it go, if it comes to you then embrace it, and if you begin to experience then let it happen. We love you and are here to help, guide, protect (even if its from yourself), and help you get to your true "home."

The message for the month is Change: What are you going to do with it? Your decision is what sets the stage for the next set of changes. Allow God to move in your life and even if you don't see the outcome, trust....."

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